Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why it is craziest thing to present facts, proof openly and requesting to investigate for discovering Truth?

If one says, he saw aliens or flying saucers from outer space, I am sure there are millions of people in the world believe him by giving him benefit of doubt. If any one says he has seen Elvis, Angle, Big-foot or Ghosts, I am sure there are millions of people believe him by giving him benefit of doubt. If he says he has proof and offer to show proof, many people and even press would show up to verify the Truth. Millions of people out there, who are willing to give benefit of doubt to even such craziest claims. For example, look at popularity of cults, fake gurus and terrorists dreaming of a place in the heaven by committing heinous acts against humanity and the God.

But no software researcher is willing to verify the truth (openly published in our website) that software parts equivalent to any other kind of physical parts such as ingredient parts (e.g. Cement, steel, plastic or silicon wafers) can’t be components for achieving real CBD for software. Just because each kind of parts needs complex process to create, is highly standardized and reusable across many product families, such parts can never be components and can never achieve CBD-structure (i.e. hierarchy of replaceable components).

How can I make them come out of their cult following of erroneous definitions for software components (made nearly 50 years ago and resultant paradoxical paradigm of software engineering) and investigate the simple facts for discovering the Truth?  Don’t they have any confidence in their own ability to reason and competency to verify simple facts for discovering the Truth? Where can I find such competent people who have confidence in their own ability to reason, intellect and competency to validate facts?

Let’s have some fun :-). What’s funny is, the USPTO granted multiple patents for our craziest inventions and ideas, which are treated (by most experts) less credible than sighting of Elvis or Ghosts. Many Silicon Valley investors boost that they prefer to invest in craziest idea or invention. If that is true, we have the craziest invention, which most experts feel crazier than sighting of Elvis or Ghosts. I am sure they can’t offer any proof to their crazy claims, but we put irrefutable proof (e.g. facts and reasoning) openly in our website for any one to investigate for discovering the Truth (but no one is willing to give us any benefit of doubt). If any one is willing to give us benefit of doubt, we are willing and delighted to demonstrate hundreds of real software components capable of achieving CBD structure. Unfortunately, Truth is snubbed even in the 21st century, so not much changed from the dark ages.

It is beyond my comprehension, that millions of people have no problem giving benefit of doubt to even craziest ideas, but why software experts stubbornly sticking to a lie and snubbing the Truth. I am sure even a layman can see the simple Truths, such as (i) no other kind of parts could achieve real CBD-structure (e.g. Hierarchy of Replaceable Components) and (ii) no design of a product can be CBD (Component Based Design), if the product doesn’t contain components and component hierarchies.

It is frustrating to here baseless excuses to rationalize obvious contradictions (i.e. in existing paradox of CBSE) and refusing to provide any support to such baseless excuses. What happened to commonsense and reason? Why are they obsessed with reusable components (- a complex fiction) but choosing to be ignorant about simpler realistic goals such as achieving hierarchy of replaceable components? If software researchers chose to achieve hierarchy of replaceable components for large software applications, I am sure, software industry could achieve that goal in couple of years.

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use 
-- Galileo Galilei

P.S: If heaven and hell exist, it must be a pleasure to see the look on the face of each of the terrorists (dreaming of heaven) when he is told (after his suicide mission) that he is doomed to hell for his heinous acts against humanity and the God (by blindly following cult leaders without using his ability to reason, which is endowed to mankind by the God).

I do believe in the God (I choose to have this blind faith - my personal subjective choice since many years), because this faith gives me some peace of mind during bad times. I am absolutely sure that the God gave me sense, reason and intellect to not forgo their use. I rarely bother the God (by praying :-) him) when I have no problems.

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